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Morsefest 2021 Merch Store - exclusive to ticket holders! Store remains open until end of day Sunday, 10/10.

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Morsefest 2021 Video Download $29.99 A video download of the Friday and Saturday shows of Morsefest 2021 as broadcast on the livestream. Please note: the video download will not be available until the week after Morsefest.
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T-Shirt – SMALL $25.99
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T-Shirt – MEDIUM $25.99
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Audio Download $14.99 Morsefest 2021 Exclusive release: "Sparks In Summertime - Innocence & Danger Demos, Ideas & Sketches!" Tracklist below.
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Morsefest 2021 exclusive release: Sparks In Summertime – Innocence & Danger Demos, Ideas & Sketches. Audio download available only to those attending Morsefest Virtual or In-Person.
This is a one-off collection of demos and work-in-progress from the creation of the Innocence & Danger album and contains the original song ideas that band members presented to the writing sessions as well as some early versions of the tracks!  Totalling 90 minutes of music all but one track has never been released before (we included the Floydian Slip demo from TGA which became The Way It Had To Be for completeness!) and they are presented as mp3 files exactly the way they circulated to the band.  Note this will only be available for Morsefest 2021 attenders to buy at the Morsefest 2021 Online Merch Store.
 Track list:
1. Genesis-ish Song (Do It All Again) - Bill Demo
2. Piano Bit 3 (Do It All Again) - Bill Demo
3. Idea 6 - Spock’s Beard thing (Bird On A Wire) - Randy Demo
4. Supertramp-ish Song (Bird On A Wire) - Bill Demo
5. Letter/ Swing Idea (Your Place In The Sun) - Randy Demo
6. Beatle-ish Progression & Orchestra (Your Place In The Sun) - Bill Demo
7. Pop Progression (Another Story To Tell) - Bill Demo
8. Floydian Slip (The Way It Had To Be) - NMB TGA Demo
9. Not Afraid Pt. 2 - Writing Rough - NMB
10. Idea 2 - Kansas (Not Afraid Pt 2) - Randy Demo
11. Epic Pieces and Parts (Beyond The Years) - Bill Demo
12. Piano Bit 2 (Beyond The Years) - Bill Demo
13. Beyond The Years (Early Version with all vocals by Neal) - NMB
The audio is presented as mp3 files because that is the format that these demos were circulated to the band in.

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