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Morsefest 2021 – Live VIP


Morsefest 2021: October 8-9 at New Life Fellowship, Cross Plains, TN

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  • Only 50 tickets available (due to expected attendance restrictions)
  • VIPs will spend the afternoon and evening in the venue, with full facilities.
  • Your chance to be in the audience for both shows!
  • Attendance at the band commentary sessions during the live streams on Friday and Saturday evening.
  • You will also be able to purchase merch onsite, as well as the special online merch deals.
  • VIP Merch Bag including exclusive Morsefest VIP t-shirt, VIP lanyard, poster and other surprises.
  • Free copy of the live video of both shows.
  • VIP games and Q&A on both days.
  • Dinner each evening and snacks throughout the day.
  • Entry to the Inner Circle concert.
Friday – VIP doors open at 1:00PM Central
Saturday – VIPs remain in building for lunch after the Inner Circle show and will get access to the auditorium at 1:00PM Central
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