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Morsefest 2021 - Live Double-Show


Morsefest 2021: October 8-9 at New Life Fellowship, Cross Plains, TN

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  • Only 150 tickets available (due to expected attendance restrictions).
  • Your chance to be in the audience for both shows!
  • You will also be able to purchase merch onsite and buy the live video of both shows as well as the special online merch deals.

** Please note to facilitate the live stream, the shows will take place in the afternoon.  Double-Show ticket holders will be able to access the venue beforehand to buy merch and for the duration of the shows. Due to expected attendance restrictions and meeting social distancing requirements, we don’t expect to be able to offer catering or the ability to access the building at other times at this ticket level.

Friday & Saturday - Main doors open 1:15PM Central
Saturday - Main doors open 1:15PM Central
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