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Morsefest 2019

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MORSEFEST 2019 4CD/2 Blu-ray Set

By popular demand, Radiant Records presents a limited edition 4 CD/2 Blu-ray edition of the full sets by Flying Colors and Neal Morse Band at Morsefest 2019.

Flying Colors made their Morsefest debut at this show, which was also the first live show to include songs from their album Third Degree.  As well as the concert debuts of “More,” “You Are Not Alone,” and “Crawl,” the band included a range of highlights from their first two albums.  Backed by string players and backing singers, this show was a joyous event for fans and band alike.

The Neal Morse Band played The Great Adventure for the final time in the run supporting the album at Morsefest. For this grand finale, the band were supported by backing singers, percussion, a horn section and string players in an awesome rendition of the album. Morsefest 2019 closed with the Neal Morse Band playing “The Great Medley”, at 25 minute summary of highlights from the albums from Testimony through to Similitude of a Dream.

The 4 CD/2 Blu-ray also features a host of bonus features including two of the VIP Q&A sessions from Morsefest 2019, featuring all of the members of both bands taking questions from the crowd.  There are also some additional multiscreen video mixes of tracks from both Flying Colors and the Neal Morse Band. Taken from the iso-cams located on the stage, you get an alternate view of the show from various stage angles, including around, behind and below Mike Portnoy’s drum kit.


Disc One: CD

  1. Blue Ocean
  2. A Place In Your World
  3. More
  4. Kayla
  5. You Are Not Alone
  6. Forever In A Daze
  7. The Fury Of My Love
  8. Crawl
  9. Peaceful Harbor

Disc Two: CD

  1. Infinite Fire
  2. Cosmic Symphony
  3. The Storm
  4. Mask Machine

Disc Three: CD

  1. Intro
    2. Overture
    3. The Dream Isn’t Over
    4. Welcome To The World
    5. A Momentary Change
    6. Dark Melody
    7. I Got To Run
    8. To The River
  2. Neal Talking Spot
    10. The Great Adventure
    11. Venture In Black
    12. Hey Ho Let’s Go
    13. Beyond The Borders

Disc Four: CD

  1. Overture 2
    2. Long Ago
    3. The Dream Continues
    4. Fighting With Destiny
    5. Vanity Fair
    6. Mike Talking Spot
  2. Welcome To The World 2
    8. The Element Of Fear
    9. Child Of Wonder
  3. The Great Despair
    11. Freedom Calling
    12. A Love That Never Dies
    13. The Great Medley

Disc Five: Blu Ray

Morsefest 2019 Night 1: Flying Colors

Multi Screen Mixes:

– Blue Ocean

– More

– The Storm

– Mask Machine

Morsefest VIP Q&A Part 1

Disc Six: Blu Ray

Morsefest 2019 Night 2: The Neal Morse Band

Multi Screen Mixes:

– The Great Medley

Morsefest VIP Q&A Part 2

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