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Inner Circle - Neal Morse: More Songs About Coffee & My Wife - November 2019 -PUBLIC


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Inner Circle - Neal Morse: More Songs About Coffee & My Wife - November 2019

Something special for you this month...

I usually write about whatever occurs to me, but what occurs to me is sometimes not what I might be expecting. On one day, it might be a Christian progressive rock epic; on another, a 1950s style Elvis blues number, or a teenybopper Christmas tune or a heartfelt song about my son leaving the family nest. I never know what's going to come but, whatever it is, I always try to follow where it feels like it wants to go.

And so, here are 24 songs I followed in the course of the 12 months between Morsefest 2018 and Morsefest 2019.

I was going to try to cut the list down and just pick what I thought were the best ones, but then I thought, "Well, why not just let people do that for themselves?" And then I threw in a couple Christmas songs at the end as a bonus.

I hope you enjoy these demos and thanks for all the love and support over the years.

Disc 1

  1. Leavin’ Vancouver
  2. Coffee In Seattle
  3. Love Of My Life
  4. Rollin’ Like A Stone
  5. Sanctuary
  6. 21
  7. If Jesus Came Today
  8. As Long As I’m With You 9. Flyin’ Solo
  9. I’m Gonna Miss You 11. Sunday Girl
  10. Jewel

Disc 2

  1. Melancholy Woman
  2. Do Nothin’ With You
  3. She is So Beautiful
  4. The Observer
  5. She Always Encouraged Me
  6. Chicago In The Winter
  7. A Quarter To Blue
  8. Innocent Girl
  9. I’m Feelin’ Bad Today
  10. What’s Better?
  11. You’re Everything I Want For Christmas
  12. It’s Christmas Time At Last


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