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Inner Circle - 2019 Morsefest Inner Circle Concert - May 2020

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This month’s Inner Circle is audio and video footage from the 2019 Morsefest Inner Circle Concert.  The concert was a chance for Neal to perform and tell the stories of some of the songs he had written since the previous Morsefest.  It includes some classics, like "All On A Sunday" (which Neal had never performed solo before!) to new songs like "Coffee in Seattle" and "Leavin’ Vancouver."  Neal is joined by some great friends and tells the stories behind all of the songs.
Available in MP3, WAV, MP4 Video file, and DVD iso file.



01 Intro 1
02 All On A Sunday
03 Intro 2
04 Leavin' Vancouver
05 Intro 3
06 Perfectly
07 Intro 4
08 Winter Wonderland
09 Intro 5
10 It's Christmas Time At Last
11 Intro 6
12 Rollin' Like A Stone
13 Intro 7
14 Coffee In Seattle
15 Intro 8
16 If Jesus Came Today
17 Intro 9
18 Sanctuary
19 Intro 10
20 Flyin' Solo
21 Intro 11
22 I'm Gonna Miss You When You Go
23 Intro 12
24 Love Of My Life
25 Intro 13
26 As Long As I'm With You
27 Intro 14
28 She Always Encouraged Me
29 Intro 15
39 Love Has Called My Name

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