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Neal Morse
Neal Morse
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Neal Morse


Neal Morse Team

From recording engineering, to in-store posters, to concert photography; a talented and dedicated team is behind Neal.

Web Designer Mark Bredius
Recording Engineer Jerry Guidroz
Mixing Engineer Rich Mouser
Inner Circle Group Richard Pickett
Official Fansite Kerstin Susewind
Sebastian Mack
Web Social Networks Henning Brekke
Kerstin Susewind
Copy Editor Cox Creative
Website Forum Adminstrators Jim Harrel
Alan Spoll
CD Artists Man in the Mountain Studios
Thomas Ewerhard
Graphic Art Consultant Ken Westphal
MySpace Consultant Erick Garcia
Art and Content (2009-2012) Bill Evans
Photographers Danny Focke
Sy Wooks
Bob Fritsch
John Bollenberg
Robert Voûte
Jan-Jaap de Haan
Mikey Wenzel
Jim Harrell
Tim van der Schoot
Henry Knegt
Luke Pugliese
David Atkinson
Joey Pippin
Barry Nothstine
Labels Metal Blade
Mascot Records
Inside Out
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