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Neal Morse
Neal Morse
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Neal Morse

Neal Morse Live Recording Policy: 2.1

Recording (audio, video, photography) Neal's performances (hereafter referred to as "bootlegs") is permitted for works performed and written (or co-written) by Neal. It is subject to the following conditions, which may change. It considered the responsibility of anyone choosing to record his performances in some manner to check this policy periodically.
  1. Any venue's rules override this policy. (I.e. if they do not allow photography, then no photography period.)

  2. Trading of bootlegs is permitted, provided that nothing of value is exchanged (e.g. money, goods or services).

  3. If you have recorded a Neal Morse performance (audio and/or video), you may generally distribute (e.g. upload to YouTube). Please ensure it's a good performance, though. If you have recorded semi/professional work, please notify us so we can view the material before approving it for free distribution.

  4. All bootlegs should be clearly demarked as such to distinguish them from official Radiant Records releases. (Including "bootleg" in the name is fine.)

  5. Absolutely no flash photography—this causes discomfort for the performers. Ensure your camera is set to not use flash under any circumstances.

  6. Once a performance has started, do not get in the way of the performers, venue employees, or any audience member's view of the stage. (E.g. please do not have video cameras obstructing anyone's view.)

  7. Please don't bother the sound engineer. S/he has a stressful job to perform, and will be busy creating the best sound possible sound for the audience. For this reason (and other logistical concerns), recording from the sound board is generally not permitted. It's OK to ask (once) nicely, though.

  8. Radiant Records owns the rights to all recordings made at Neal's shows, or anything else with Neal's likeness that does not otherwise specify ownership, regardless of the knowledge or consent of Radiant Records.

  9. If you end up with something cool, please share it with us!

© 2003-2014 Mark Bredius and Neal Morse