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News Archive 2006

Diary Online for Neal's New Prog Album, Sola Scriptura

Added on 11-19-2006
Neal's diary for his new prog album is online! Check out the day-to-day makings of a prog epic.

A Listener's Interactive Guide to Question Mark

Added on 11-19-2006
A prolific Neal Morse enthusiast has create an interactive guide to Neal Morse's prog masterpiece, Question Mark. The complete lyrics are included, with relevant Biblical verse that appear when you mouse-over indicated lyrics. The website is [ here ] and linked in the More section of Neal's website.

We don't know who this mystery author is, so please email us if you're him/her, and thank you for your work.

Neal Prepares New Prog Epic, Sola Scriptura!

Added on 11-6-2006
Neal Morse has finished recording his latest prog masterpiece, and sent it off for mixing and mastering. This will be Neal's 4th progressive rock solo release, following the highly acclaimed albums ?, One, and Testimony. The amazing line-up of Mike Portnoy (drums) and Randy George (bass) return on this release, with the addition of special guest Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big) on guitar. Fans of Neal's looking for the ordinary will have to keep looking, though—this one will be full of surprises.

The release date for this as-yet untitled album is currently set for March 1, 2007.

New Album by M-P-G, Cover to Cover, Released

Added on 9-19-2006
Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy and Randy George (M-P-G) have recorded some amazing versions of other artists' songs in between sessions. Here they are all are on one CD, many previously unreleased!

2005 ? Sessions
  1. Pleasant Valley Sunday (The Monkeys)
  2. Badge (Cream)
  3. Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul McCartney)
  4. Where Do The Children Play (Cat Stevens)
  5. I'm The Man (Joe Jackson)
  6. Feeling Stronger Everyday (Chicago)
  7. Rock And Roll Suicide (David Bowie)
2004 One Sessions
  1. Where The Streets Have No Name (U2)
  2. Day After Day (Badfinger)
  3. What is Life (George Harrison)
  4. I'm Free / Sparks (The Who)
2003 Testimony Sessions
  1. Tuesday Afternoon (The Moody Blues)
  2. Find My Way Back Home (Blind Faith)

This album is only available from Radiant Records (not on iTunes or anywhere else!).
Order from Radiant Records

Special solo-acoustic in Barcelona, Spain Tuesday, June 20!

Added on 6-17-2006
Tuesday, June 20 21:00


There will be a support band. This is a solo acoustic performance.

Neal to Play Dates in Europe with Band - Tickets on Sale Now

Added on 5-10-2006
Neal 's new band will be in Europe playing the entire Question Mark album, as well as selections
From One and Testimony and other surprises. For everyone who wanted a One or Question Mark tour, this is your show!

Tickets no longer available in advance — they must be purchased at the door. Check with the venue for availablity.

Additional information here.

Neal & Radiant Begin iTunes Availability

Added on 4-04-2006
Neal Morse's solo works and other albums from Radiant Records have begun availability on Apple's iTunes music service. Radiant chose iTunes because of it's popularity with listeners, and flexible DRM; allowing CD creation, multiple digital instances, and other freedoms.

Find out more about iTunes or go directly to Neal's albums at iTunes.

Send the Fire Released

Added on 3-14-2006
Neal Morse has released a new worship CD, Send the Fire. As with Lead Me Lord (2005), this year's Bring the Fire is an album of praise, faith, hope and love.
  1. I Worship You With My life
  2. Cloudburst
  3. There is Life
  4. Reach
  5. You Are Needed In This House
  6. Send The Fire
  7. Hide Thou Me
  8. God Of Glory
  9. I Give All
  10. Come Unto Me
  11. He’s Able
  12. The Kind Of Heart
When it was time to schedule these sessions, I only had about 5 songs ready. But I felt like the Lord wanted me to move ahead, so I set up the sessions anyway. Lo and behold, that week I wrote 5 songs that are my favorites on the CD! A lot of the vocals are the ‘live’ vocals that I did as we were tracking, so we got a lot of that fresh feeling out of it. I tried to keep it simple, but the basic tracks were so good (drum tracks by Scott Williamson, Mark Leniger and Luke Pugliese), I got a bit carried away and some of these songs came out even better than I was expecting. I’m extremely pleased with it. - Neal Morse

Send the Fire is available now from Radiant Records. Click here to order!

Neal Returns to Europe for Church Performances

Added on 2-14-2006
Neal Morse will be performing at churches throughout Europe from February 17 - March 5. Don't miss this rare opportunity to see Neal perform solo, and join him in fellowship. This is also the first chance to hear Neal's forthcoming worship CD, Send the Fire.

The tour schedule is available here.

The Case for Christmas DVD

Added on 1-18-2006
Neal recently flew to the West Coast to be part of a national broadcast with authors and speakers Lee Strobel and Mark Mittelberg, sponsored by an organization called CCN. This event, which was hosted live at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, California, was seen simultaneously via satellite at about a thousand locations throughout North America. It started with Neal doing a short piano and acoustic set of Christmas-related music, followed by a talk from Lee Strobel, a former atheist, spiritual skeptic, and the legal affairs editor for the Chicago Tribune. Lee, who wrote the newly released book called The Case For Christmas: A Journalist Investigates the Identity of the Child in the Manger, told about his investigation into the facts behind the Christmas story and where that research led him. Then Strobel and Mittelberg hosted a live Q & A time, addressing a variety of questions about the holiday and its history that were emailed and faxed in from people at the various sites. It ended with Neal doing an instrumental version of the classic Christmas carol, “Hark The Herald Angels Sing.”

“Regardless of what you think about this topic,” Mittelberg said later,“it was a fascinating discussion that’s well worth watching and thinking about—and how can you go wrong when you’ve got Neal’s music at the beginning and ending of the event!”

The DVD is available to purchase for $10 at the Church Communication Network.

Neal Interviewed for HM Magazine

Added on 1-17-2006
HM Magazine caught up with Neal Morse to talk about his new album, "?". Read the interview here.

After the Storm Released

Added on 1-12-2006
After the Storm is an effort by the progressive rock community to help out the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. All of the artists involved have graciously donated music to this project, and many have contributed previously unreleased live or studio material, including New Orleans' own Woodenhead. The costs of manufacturing have been donated by NEARfest and NEARfest Records and all proceeds from the sale of this unique compilation will be donated to aid the survivors of Hurricane Katrina through Habitat for Humanity.

Disc One:
  1. Echolyn, "15 Days"
  2. Happy the Man, "Ibby It Is" (Live)
  3. FM, "Random Harvest"
  4. Camel, "After All These Years"
  5. Mike Keneally, "Time Table"
  6. Spock's Beard, "Shining Star" (Live)
  7. IQ, "Chemical Rain"
  8. Kraan, "Silver Buildings"
  9. Mostly Autumn, "Ghost in Dreamland"
  10. IZZ, "My River Flows"
  11. Nektar, "Phazed by the Storm"
  12. Sean Malone, "Grace" (Live)
Disc Two:
  1. Kansas, "Song for America"
  2. The Flower Kings, "A King's Prayer" (2005 Remix)
  3. Woodenhead, "Buzz Beat" (Live)
  4. Djam Karet, "The Shattering Sky"
  5. Neal Morse, "Sleeping Jesus" (Live)
  6. The Muffins, "Essay R" (Remix)
  7. Caravan, "Love Song with Flute" (Live)
  8. Änglagård, "Gånglåt från Knapptibble"
  9. Little Atlas, "On and On"
  10. Arjen Anthony Lucassen, "Pools of Sorrow/Not Over You"
  11. California Guitar Trio, "Zundoko Bushi" (Live)
  12. Pendragon, "Sou' by Sou'west"
For more information, see the Nearfest Records website.

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