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Neal Morse
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Neal Morse

SMPTe - The Roine Stolt Mixes (CD, 2003)

Transatlantic - SMPTe The Roine Stolt Mixes
A while back Roine Stolt was talking to Neal Morse (when he released his Transatlantic demos CD) and said "hey, you know a lot of people have somehow gotten a hold of my mixes of our 1st album on the internet. Perhaps we should make it available officially" So, here it is! Roine's mixes of Transatlantic's classic first CD SMPTe are lush and rich (one might almost say flowery!) and full of things unheard on the original version.

  1. All Of The Above (30:59)
    1. Full Moon Rising (7:11)
    2. October Winds (5:54)
    3. Camoflagued in Blue (5:22)
    4. Half Alive (2:02)
    5. Undying Love (3:57)
    6. Full Moon Rising (Reprise) (6:33)
  2. We All Need Some Light (5:45)
  3. Mystery Train (6:52)
  4. My New World (16:16)
  5. In Held (Twas) In I (17:21)
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