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Neal Morse
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Neal Morse

Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope (2014)

Limited Edition 2 CD + 2 DVD Artbook (incl. bonus CD, DVD & 5.1 mix)

LIMITED EDITION ART BOOK – This version is in a spectacular full color large book with 36 pages and amazing cover texturing.
You have to see it to believe it! Includes the main disc, bonus disc, “Making Of” DVD, deluxe artwork and a 5.1 mix of the main audio disc created by Rich Mouser. 2 x CD - one video DVD + 5.1 mix audio DVD

Transatlantic - Kaleidoscope (2014)

Progressive-rock super-group Transatlantic, featuring Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse, Roine Stolt and Pete Trewavas will release their fourth studio album ‘Kaleidoscope’ on the 28th January 2014. The composing collective penned 5 new colorful proggy tracks in May 2013 in Nashville USA. There is all that you love about Transatlantic and then some new untried.

5 brand new studio tracks plus a bonus disc of 8 classic prog & pop tracks.

Track List:

Main Disc:
  1. Into the Blue (25:11)
  2. Shine (7:26)
  3. Black as the Sky (6:43)
  4. Beyond the Sun (4:29)
  5. Kaleidoscope (31:53)

Bonus Disc:
  1. And You and I (10:43)
  2. I Can't Get It Out of My Head (4:43)
  3. Conquistador (4:10)
  4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (3:16)
  5. Tin Soldier (3:21)
  6. Sylvia (3:49)
  7. Indiscipline (4:43)
  8. Nights In White Satin (6:12)

The "Making of Kaleidoscope" DVD – Full length DVD behind the scenes of the writing and recording of this amazing album.
Running time 1 hour and 26 minutes. Edited by Randy George. NTSC Region Free
+ 5.1 mix of main album by Rich Mouser.
© 2003-2014 Mark Bredius and Neal Morse