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Neal Morse

The Whirlwind (2009)

Transatlantic - The Whirlwind
For the long time of eight years, Transatlantic fans had to wait for a new studio album. Finally, in October 2009, the time has come: "The Whirlwind", a 78-minute long track in 12 parts, has been released. The album is based on a demo by Neal Morse of the same name that he had written in 2008. The band then met in April 2009 to work on the material together.

It was conceived within two weeks and yet it is Transatlantic's most coherent studio recording. Once again on "The Whirlwind", the band celebrates the typical Transatlantic style: full-blown, epic retro-prog with catchy melodies and brilliant instrumental performances. But in direct comparison to the predecessor "Bridge Across Forever", the new material is less playful and the arrangements serve the song more than before. You will find less complex instrumental parts than on previous releases, the sound is pop music influenced. Kudos to the people responsible for the production of the album: the bass ended up surprisingly well in the foreground, and the quartet has managed to create a homogenous whole from individual - even obvious - songs. All in all and with no doubt, "The Whirlwind" keeps up with the previous studio outputs of Transatlantic, both in quality and style.

The lyrics on the album are spiritual again, just like on its predecessor, without using a concrete Christian vocabulary. They deal with the "storms" of our lives, about how we and our fellow human beings deal with them and how we can free ourselves from the sometimes dark moments of our existence.

In addition to the 1CD version, the album is also released as special edition with bonus CD. The bonus disc contains four new Transatlantic songs and cover versions (see below). Available as well is a super deluxe edition that comes with the main disc, the bonus CD and a bonus DVD. The DVD contains a 105-minute Making Of of the album.

Since the "Whirld Tour" 2010 a limited VINYL DELUXE EDITION of this studio album with bonus material is sold. It is limited to 1000 copies, more precisely to 300 colored and 700 black LPs.

Track List:

  1. Overture / Whirlwind
  2. The Wind Blew Them All Away
  3. On The Prowl
  4. A Man Can Feel
  5. Out Of The Night
  6. Rose Colored Glasses
  7. Evermore
  8. Set Us Free
  9. Lay Down Your Life
  10. Pieces Of Heaven
  11. Is It Really Happening
  12. Dancing With Eternal Glory / Whirlwind (Reprise)
Track List CD 2 (only Special Edition):
  1. Spinning
  2. Lenny Johnson
  3. For Such A Time
  4. Lending A Hand
  5. The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (Genesis)
  6. A Salty Dog (Procol Harum)
  7. I Need You (America / The Beatles)
  8. Soul Sacrifice (Santana)

Neal Morse - keyboards, acoustic guitars, percussion, vocals
Mike Portnoy - drums, vocals
Pete Trewavas - bass, vocals, occasional VST synth & orchestration
Roine Stolt - electric guitars, vocals, percussion, additional Mellotron, Minimoog and soundscapes

Guest Musicians:

Chris Carmichael - Real Strings
Marc Papeghin - French Horn

Collin Leijenaar, Jessica Koomen and Henk Doest (all from the European Neal Morse Live Band) and Mike Portnoy

Total playing time CD 1: 1:17:56h
Total playing time CD 2: 0:56:30h
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