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Neal Morse
Neal Morse
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Neal Morse

More Never Is Enough (2011)

More Never Is Enough (2011) More Never Is Enough contains, as the title suggests, more live footage of the Whirld Tour 2010 for the insatiable fans. More precisely, this 5-disc release features two additional concerts of the band: On the 2 DVDs the 3-hour concert in Tilburg (Netherlands) and on the 3 CDs an audio recording of the Manchester show are captured for eternity. Both concerts have - except for one encore - the same setlist as the London DVDs and CDs that were released the year before.

Just like on Live in Europe (2003) and thanks to the never-ending applause of the dedicated prog fans, Transatlantic played another encore solely in Tilburg, this time the Genesis classic "The Return Of The Giant Hogweed". Another feature on DVD 2 are the so-called "Stranger Jams", which show many of the improvised, funny and crazy moments in the song "Stranger In Your Soul" that made each Transatlantic concert so spirited and special. You can see Mike Portnoy crowd-surfing, behind the microphone singing Deep Purple's "Smoke On The Water" or fooling around with Daniel Gildenlöw.

For Neal himself the last show of the tour in Manchester was "musically one of the best if not the best show." The three audio CDs thus capture the culmination of Transatlantic's incredibly successful reunion tour in full length.

Track List:

Transatlantic Live in Manchester
  1. Overture / Whirlwind
  2. Wind Blew Them All Away
  3. On The Prowl
  4. Man Can Feel
  5. Out Of The Night
  6. Rose Colored Glasses
  7. Evermore
  8. Set Us Free
  9. Lay Down Your Life
  10. Pieces of Heaven
  11. Is It Really Happening?
  12. Dancing with Eternal Glory / Whirlwind (Reprise)
Transatlantic Live in Manchester
  1. All of the Above
  2. We All Need Some Light
  3. Duel With the Devil
Transatlantic Live in Manchester
  1. Bridge Across Forever
  2. Stranger in Your Soul
Transatlantic Live in Tilburg
  1. The Whirlwind
Transatlantic Live in Tilburg
  1. All of the Above
  2. We All Need Some Light
  3. Duel With the Devil
  4. Bridge Across Forever
  5. Stranger in Your Soul
  6. 2ND ENCORE: Return of the Giant Hogweed
  1. Cologne - Live Music Hall (May 8th 2010)
  2. Stuttgart - Longhorn (May 9th 2010)
  3. Esch Alzette - Rockhal (May 10th 2010)
  4. Pratteln - Z7 (May 18th 2010)

Neal Morse - Keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals
Mike Portnoy - Drums, vocals
Pete Trewavas - Bass, vocals
Roine Stolt - Electric guitars, vocals
Daniel Gildenlöw - Acoustic and electric guitars, percussion, keyboards, vocals

Total playing time DVD 1+2: 3:44:15h
Total playing time CD 1+2+3: 3:10:19h
© 2003-2014 Mark Bredius and Neal Morse