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Neal Morse
Neal Morse
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Neal Morse

Building The Bridge (DVD, 2002)

Transatlantic - Building The Bridge
There are some experiences that do not translate well to film. Making an album can be one of them because it is such a long arduous process, but, somehow, this new Transatlantic video does the impossible. It takes you through every part of the journey, through each of the member's eyes, from the uncertain start to the triumphant finish, in just under 2 hours!! You'll feel like you were there while they made this extraordinary album. From the writing process at NEAL MORSE'S house, to MIKE PORTNOY'S amazing drum cam footage, to ROINE STOLT'S stunning guitar work, to PETE TREWAVAS spot on bass playing, you'll get to see and hear the music that made it on the album, and some that was left behind. Plus, there are a lot of wacky antics as well. See MIKE PORTNOY take 3 hours to put on his own cymbals, and the now infamous 'map of Afghanistan Tongue' tribal dance...well, you'll just have to see it!

The quality of the footage is incredible! Shot on Sony Digi-cams and edited entirely in the digital domain, 'BUILDING THE BRIDGE' should satisfy even the snootiest video connoisseur. It also comes in a beautiful 4 color box designed by Martin Kornick.

To answer a question we know we'll be asked, the band has opted to NOT release this on DVD at this time. The plan is to use SOME of the video as a bonus on the TRANSATLANTIC - LIVE IN HOLLAND DVD scheduled for release in the fall.

Phillip J. Satterley (Editor Extraordinaire who also did the 'SPOCK'S BEARD - MAKING OF V' video) has taken the footage that the band and their friends shot and turned it into a major event not to be missed. Directed by NEAL MORSE and PHILLIP J. SATTERLEY. Running time: approx. 2 hours. Available in NTSC and PAL formats.
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