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Neal Morse
Neal Morse
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Neal Morse

The Making Of V (2001)

The Making Of V
A real look inside the recording process of a classic album is a very rare thing indeed. Imagine having 2 hours of footage of the "CLOSE TO THE EDGE" sessions, or clips of King Crimson recording at Robert Fripp's house....well, we can't offer you THAT, but, courtesy of the digital camcorder we now have tons of cool stuff from the "V" sessions for your viewing pleasure. Here's some of what you'll see: The full band tracking "AT THE END OF THE DAY" at Kevin Gilbert's studio, all the overdubbing at Al, Ryo and Neal's houses including the French Horn and Strings, a hilarious lyric writing session for "REVELATION", Al, Neal and they're kids dancing to TARKUS, Nick dancing to Dave's string bass, and Ryo recording the massive intro for "THE GREAT NOTHING"! Also, included is some rare live footage of the band on their last European tour.

Professionally edited by Phil Satterley and narrated by Neal Morse, this 2-hour video has a great look and will make a fine edition to the collection of the uncommon Beard fan. Available in NTSC and PAL formats.
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