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Neal Morse
Neal Morse
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Neal Morse

Worship Sessions Volume IV: The River (CD, 2009)

Neal Morse - The River, Worship Sessions Volume 4
Neal Morse never sleeps! In addition to co-writing and recording a new Transatlantic album (for release later this year), Neal has also found time to write and record a new worship album. Containing 9 new original songs and 5 covers and clocking in at over an hour, this new CD is something that hopefully listeners of all tastes can enjoy. "I think this is the best one yet... the tracks that really stand out to me are "The River" and "Holy is Our God"... but I like them all. I don't think there is a bum track on this record." Featuring the co-lead vocals of Julie Harrison and the drumming prowess of Scott Williamson, this is a world class worship record that even some prog fans might enjoy. The sound quality on this one is amazing! Cuts like "Serve You In The Fire" and "I Fall On You" have a certain rock flare while other songs like "Jesus Knows" are heart felt and beautiful. Engineered by Jerry Guidroz and Produced by Neal Morse.

Here's the track list:
  1. Glory to Glory (4:02)
  2. The River (5:38
  3. Serve You in the Fire (5:15
  4. I Exalt Thee (5:22
  5. Life (5:02
  6. Holy is our God (3:00
  7. Jesus Knows (4:56
  8. You are Good (3:49
  9. He Came for Me (4:57
  10. I Fall on You (3:14
  11. Only Love Remains (4:02
  12. Go Light Your World (4:47
  13. Let There Be Singing (4:20
  14. Hallelujah (God So Loved) 3:37

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