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Neal Morse
Neal Morse
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Neal Morse

Sola Scriptura & Beyond (DVD, 2008)

Sola Scriptura & Beyond (DVD, 2008)
DVD 1 (Main Disc)
  1. The Creation (One)
  2. Open Wide the Flood Gates (Snow)
  3. Sola Scriptura Part I
  4. Sola Scriptura Part II
  5. Question Section A
    Temple Of The Living God, Another World, Outsider, 12, Entrance, Inside His Presence, Temple of the Living God
  6. Testimedley (Testimony)
    Overture No. 1, California Nights, Colder in The Sun, Somber Days, Sing it High, Calm Before the Storm, I am Willing, To Feel Him, Rejoice, God's Theme
  7. We All Need Some Light (Transatlantic)
  8. Wind at My Back (Snow)
DVD 2 (Bonus Disc)
  1. Behind the Scenes
  2. Bridge Across Forever (Transatlantic)
  3. Question Section B
    Sweet Elation, In the Fire, Solid as the Sun, The Glory of the Lord, Outside Looking in
  4. Help Me (Snow)
  5. King Jesus (One bonus disc)
  6. Reunion (One)
  7. Encore Medley:
    1. We All Need Some Light (Transatlantic)
    2. Open Wide The Flood Gates (Snow)
    3. Open the Gates Part II (Snow)
    4. Solitary Soul (Snow)
    5. Wind At My Back (Snow)
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